Company Overview


Quality Policy

  • Meet customer satisfaction and exceed their expectations
  • Constantly improve the quality of services and utilize the best resources available
  • Expand the range of services and activities, while maintaining, at all levels, the company's strategic Quality Management Systems
  • Continuously train and develop staff to attain career development and achieve top performance

  • Health, Safety & Environment

  • Comply with the National Environmental & Occupational Health and Safety legislation, regulations and other requirements.
  • Control environmental pollutants and occupational health & safety risks.
  • Efficiently use natural and artificial resources; water, electricity, fuel and raw materials to minimize waste and optimize consumption.
  • Continuously improve our environmental, health and safety systems.
  • Conduct training and awareness programs for all in-house and on-site employees, in order to minimize accidents and damage to local conditions.
  • Communicate these policies internally and externally, thus creating health and safety protection for clients and best working environment for our employees.

  • Track changes locally and globally to ensure proper regulations are met and best services are achieved.

    Review policies annually and adjust in management meetings for continuous sustainability.

    Policies have been declared at all levels in a manner which ensures the full understanding of all employees by the chairman and management representative.