Company Overview

Company Profile

BIC is certified as First Category in Building Integrated (General Contracting) in accordance with the Egyptian Federation for Construction and Building Contractors (EFCBC).

BIC for Contracting & Construction is a private joint stock company established in 2000. Since then, we have made an impact on the local market through our services in industrial, commercial, residential and educational projects, along with turn-key solutions.

We are specialized in complex, challenging projects that are highly demanding in terms of time and quality. We aim to bringforth high level projects despite of the global challenges and international changes; backed by our sister companies, and our broad range of expertise in the local and international market

We value the role of human resources in order to further recruit and develop the careers of highly skilled personnel. Management has incorporated a strategy to train and develop its employees, building loyalty to the company and empowering their work to exceed the clients' expectations, and provide services that meet international standards.

Combining professional caliber and the drive to excel in the field of contracting and construction, we conduct extensive studies and research to attain the highest level of consumer satisfaction. We are open to local and international affiliations for major projects that would benefit and contribute to the society.