Our Affiliates

PHI company was founded in 1981 and it is now one of the leading companies in electromechanical works sector in Egypt, successfully accomplishing more than 210 projects throughout the years.
BIC for Real Estate Development was founded in 1996 with the intention of enticing people to move from crowded city centers to less densely populated suburbs.
BIC for Electronics, Environment and Energy was founded in 1997 to provide complete solar energy solutions with the full range of its components, achieving several big projects in the region.
Sunprism was founded in 2005 acting as the sole manufacturer dedicated to design, development, manufacturing and distribution of crystalline solar panels in Egypt. Capitalizing on over 12 years of experience we ensure that we provide our clients with considerable cost advantages, while maintaining quality and performance.
BIC for Agricultural Development was founded in 2005 specializing in land reclamation and having more than 300 hectares spread out in Nubaria, Fayoum and Mansouria that are now producing high quality agricultural products to the Egyptian and the international market including peaches, mango, citrus, red & white seedless grapes and strawberries.
BIC for Educational Services was founded in 2008. Its first project is the British School in Egypt (BSE) located in the Sheikh Zayed district, the school will accommodate up to 1,500 students.
FOBCO for Food & Beverages was founded in 2012. It specializes in serving healthy and quality food. It owns two brands; The Pain Perdu Cafe and On Toast. The Pain Perdu is a seated style restaurant cafe. The On Toast is a series of branches spread throughout universities and social clubs.